Applause for Syubbanul Akhyar's Performance at BOZAR's Sufi Night, Brussels, 29 September 2012

More than than 2.000 people who attended "Sufi Night" at BOZAR on September 29, 2012 were captivated by the performance of marawis music group from Jakarta, Indonesia, Syubbanul Akhyar. Performing 3 songs and a zamin dance in front of more than 2.000 audiences who crowded one of the best concert halls in Europe, Syubbanul Akhyar has successfully managed to show the development and richness of sufi music in Indonesia. The group seamlessly and beautifully blended Indonesian traditional musical instrument into the arrangement of their music.

Syubbanul Akhyar ("the chosen youth") was found in 1997 and as of 2010 has released 6 gambus and shalawat albums. Of the 23 members of the group, 8 were on-stage at BOZAR that Saturday night. They are Nanang Kurnia Yasin (vocal & percussion), Ahmad Munawir Abduh (vocal & percussion), Mursidi Zulkarnain Tohir (oud), Arief Fadilah (violin), Engkin Zainal Mutaqin (suling), Ahmad Ihfadz Zainie (darbouka), Rahadian Sinyal Ramon (percussion), dan Heru Firmansyah (bass & percussion).



Organizer of world music at BOZAR, Tony Van der Eecken, introduced Syubbanul Akhyar as a representative of Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, which is renowned for the harmonious living of its people.  [Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Brussels].