The Importance of Malacca Strait for the European Union (Geneva, Switzerland, 18 November 2011)

Delivering a presentation titled “Managing Strategic Waters in the Southeast Asia” before more than 300 guests from 100 countries, Ambassador Oegroseno was one of the speakers of the “Safety and Security at Sea and Intelligence” session of “the 13th International Summit on Transnational Crimes” which was held on November 16-19, 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland and organized by the Crans Montana Forum (CMF), a prestigious forum in Europe which was founded in 1989.

Demonstrating the model of management of critical straits for global interests by Indonesia and other littoral states, he pointed out the importance of land security, capacity building of the law enforcement officers, and cooperation mechanism among littoral states (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) in the management of security and safety of navigation. (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia; Image is courtesy of CMF)